Vector Ink Pen Sketch Strokes

Vector Ink Pen Sketch Strokes

Explore the beauty and versatility of vector ink pen sketch strokes. This collection of 15 vector sketch strokes possesses several distinctive characteristics that make them visually appealing.

The vector strokes offer a unique aesthetic that sets them apart. With their smooth lines, sharp details, and distinctive style, the strokes add depth and authenticity to artwork.

They can be used in illustrations in books, and magazines, to highlight a particular piece. Also, they can be added as supportive graphics in comic art, architectural drawings, and even in business drafts.

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Unreadable handwritten text. Sweeping handwriting with crossed out words. Vector illustration of a poetic work written by a pen. Abstract lettering isolated on white background.
Yellow highlighter elements, acid highlighters marker stripe. Underline element, color text mark. Markers brushes underline neoteric vector set
Realistic Rough Black Marker Brush Ink Line Stroke Set Isolated Collection. Grunge Paper Texture.
Hand drawn pencil lines and squiggles set. Vector charcoal smears, striketrhoughs and swirls. Doodle style sketchy lines. Horizontal wavy strokes collection. Scratchy strokes with rough edges.
Hand drawn doodle design elements, black on white background. Swishes, swoops, emphasis, Arrow, crown, brush stroke. doodle sketch design elements
Set of vector grunge brushes. Abstract hand drawn ink strokes
collection of hand drawn lines, brush lines, brush strokes, underlines
Set of artistic pen brushes.Doodles, ink brushes.Set of vector grunge brushes. Collection of strokes of markers. Set of wavy horizontal lines
Set of hand drawn doodle ellipses. Scribble ovals and bubbles to circle and highlight text. Collection of different brush drawn black circles. Marker round elements isolated on white background.
Set of doodle ellipses. Scribble ovals, bubbles to circle and highlight text. Handwriting horizontal ellipses isolated on white background.
Charcoal pencil curly lines and squiggles. Scribble brush strokes vector set. Hand drawn marker scribbles. Black pencil sketches. Brush stroke lines, squiggles, daubs isolated on white background.
Red arrows design vector.  Doodle Marker hand drawn shapes vector illustration.
Marker pen underline and strikethrough strokes. Hand drawn collection of different scribble lines and brush strokes. Crosses, oval and strikethroughs. Vector black ink illustration of scribbles.
Grunge red strike through and underline elements. Set of hand drawn red pencil lines and strokes. Doodle vector graphic elements. Typography ink brush lines. Crosses and curved strokes.
Black ink brush strokes vector set. Freehand dry brush lines, marker stripes. Dirty blots and wine stains. Grunge style geometric elements, circles, squares, crosses. Decorative chalk brushes
Line art tropical leaves. Outline forest palm ginkgo biloba, monstera, cheflera, zamioculcas, fern hawaiian leaves. Hand drawn plant elements vector illustration.
Hand-drawn marker highlighters, underline, lines, round, arrows, punctuation marks, tick marks and sketch. Highlighters, hand drawn underline. Handwritten notes for text or on a school board. Vector
Set of lines, hand drawn dividers, doodle underlines, different thickness brush stripes. Vector frame and border element.
Set of handmade lines, brush lines, underlines. Hand-drawn collection of doodle style various shapes. Lettering Art Lines. Isolated on white. Vector illustration
Red highlighter lines set isolated on transparent background. Marker pen highlight underline strokes. Vector hand drawn graphic stylish element
Charcoal pencil curly lines, squiggles and shapes. Grunge pen scribbles collection. Hand drawn vector pencil lines and doodles. Bright color charcoal or chalk drawing. Rough crayon strokes.
Brush curly lines seamless pattern. Pencil squiggles ornament. Scribble brush strokes vector background. Hand drawn marker scribbles, curved lines. Black pencil sketches. Squiggles and daubs.
vintage Feather quill pen logo with black ink stroke, scratch icon, classic stationery illustration isolated on white background
Sketch hatching. Pen doodle freehand line strokes chalk scribble black line sketch grunge handmade vector abstract textures. Scribble chalk, sketch freehand line drawing illustration